5 budget friendly Christmas home decoration ideas.

December arrived so fast this year. Reflecting back on this year and everything that has happened it is understandable that some of us feel the Christmas spirit and some of us don’t. Normally we spend so much time planning the holidays but this year it’s different. This year our focus is mainly to spend time at home with family and to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.

In order to create the Christmas vibe within your home we have listed a few budget friendly home decoration ideas. Some of these ideas are fun DIY projects that you can do with your little ones and that can be made from items that you probably already have at home. Even if some items need to be bought, they are still budget friendly supplies.

  1. Decorate with empty bottles. Get your empty bottles and upcycle them into candle holders. Cut small pieces of pine branch (from your Christmas tree) and glue them to the jar. This can be used to decorate your dining table.
  2. Make a Christmas window ornament from colorful ribbons with ornaments tied at the tip. Place the ornament in the window of your living room or bedroom and voila!
  3. Create a large printed “JOY” sign and place this on your wall. Use a large piece of  cardboard and cut out the letters. Use old fabrics that you have at home or pass by Ackerman and buy your favorite fabrics. Cut the fabrics in the form of the letters and glue away!
  4. Decorate your throw pillows by tying decorative ribbons around the pillows to give them a festive Christmas look.
  5. Decorate your Christmas table with jar ornaments. Just place a jar on your table and fill it with fun and festive ornaments and glitters.

At Ackerman we have a variety of Christmas fabrics for all of your fun DIY projects. Pass by our store to get inspired.

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