Ways to decorate your kitchen for the holidays.

Why is the kitchen always overlooked when we’re decorating for the holidays? While we spend so much time in the kitchen preparing those delicious Christmas dishes! At Ackerman, we think this area of the home deserves to be decorated during the holidays.

We’ve listed a few tips and fun ideas to decorate your kitchen this Christmas.

  1. Decorate the fridge. If you have little ones, ask them to draw some pretty Christmas elves, Christmas trees, snowflakes or Santa’s and add these to the fridge. Another fun tip or hobby is to start collecting Christmas fridge magnets. 
  2. Decorate the window with colorful Christmas lights or small wreaths. You can also buy your favorite Christmas fabrics at Ackerman and sew Christmas curtains for your kitchen.
  3. Decorate the counter top with small Christmas figures or festive mugs and candles. You can even buy a small Christmas tree for the kitchen to make it more festive.
  4. Use matching Christmas towels, oven mittens and napkins to add the festive feeling in your kitchen.

For Christmas fabrics to decorate or create ornaments visit Ackerman at Sta. Rosaweg #120!

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