PVC flooring: The ideal solution

PVC flooring inspiration

Easy floor renovations with PVC Flooring

In a world of constant interior renovation, it’s simple to roll up our sleeves and give our living spaces a contemporary look. It is a lot easier than you think to change the look of your home with just one ‘simple’ adjustment. Floor covering is one of the most important factors that determine the ambiance of your home. In a lot of Curacao homes, we still find outdated tile flooring. The idea of removing the tiles to make room for modern flooring can be frightening. It can involve a lot of work, mess, and maybe you don’t want to get rid of those classic tiles. There are easy alternatives that require little time and effort: PVC flooring is the perfect solution.

PVC Floor vs. laminate

An increasingly popular and exciting choice for homes & offices everywhere. Compared to laminate, PVC flooring lends equal amounts of style and durability without maxing out your budget. PVC flooring is waterproof, scratch resistent, impact resistent, and eco-friendly. Overall is PVC flooring the ideal solution with kids and pets around! PVC flooring also allows for manufacturers to use textures in the flooring to enhance its design. Another word for PVC flooring we hear quite often is Vinyl. Read everything about the differences between PVC and Vinyl here.

Installation PVC flooring

PVC flooring comes in direct glue-down and “floating floor” installation methods. Using the “floating floor” installation method allows you to change, enhance, or renew your floor without damaging or altering your sub-floor (or previously installed floor). With a proper sub-floor, this installation method also allows for your new flooring to be installed without the costs of having to prepare the subfloor.

With today’s advanced printing technologies, manufacturers have the ability to create a wide variety of PVC visuals that look so close to their original source, they can even fool flooring experts. Professional installation is offered on all our PVC flooring options.

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