Custom window decoration

Custom Curtains

An important part of the atmosphere of a living space are curtains. We at
Ackerman offer a wide range of fabrics in stock in Curacao. We offer custom window decoration, varying from window shades to window blinds and drapery. Choose your preferred fabric, pleats, and tracks so we can customize your curtains in our drapery workroom. Our trained technicians can professionally install your curtains at your home or office as well.

We at Ackerman are well known for our fabric options. We offer a variety of fabrics, from very thick to light and airy sheers that will let natural lighting shine through. For those who are a little more adventurous, we also offer fabrics with bright colors, pastel colors, and unique or themed designs. The choices are endless for your custom curtains.

Drapery Pleat Options

At Ackerman we have many options for your custom window decoration. Hereby the list of options with a picture so you have an idea of the huge variety.

The pinch pleat is a nice way to give an unique accent to your curtains. As you can see you can choose between a triple, double and/or single plint pleat. The S-fold gives a great playful touch to your drapes.

If you have a modern or trendy style, grommets could be a great option for your custom window decoration. Grommet curtains use embedded rings to guide the curtain on the curtain pole. Grommets come in different colors to add to the look of your curtain, for example brass, black, nickel, silver or bronze.

Inverted Box Pleats are very common in draperies. This popular sewing technique keeps the extra fabric hidden in the back while giving a sleek and clean look facing the room. On the tab top curtains the “tabs” are the loops of fabric that you see on many curtains. This is one of the first techniques invented for hanging curtains.

Want to know more about different pleating options? You can read more here!

Custom window shades

At Ackerman we don’t only specialize in curtains, but also for window blinds and window shades! At Ackerman we offer endless options for your custom made window shades. Choose your favorite fabric and the hardware. You even have the choice to motorize them!

Our Drapery Workroom

After choosing your fabrics and your favorite pleat option, the only thing you have to do is sit back and relax. Our talented installers will take the meausurements for your new curtains or blinds and our local seamstresses will produce finalize your drapes in our professional drapery workroom. When your window coverings are finished, our experienced installers will make sure they are installed properly for you.

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