Best Friends Day DIY!

On June 8th it’s National Best Friends Day. So, who is the first person that popped up in your head when you think of a best friend? Now is a good time to give him or her a call to let them know how you feel with this Best Friends Day DIY!

Besides that, it’s nice to give something small to show your appreciation. Look no further, because we’ve got you covered! Ackerman offers a wide range of products and textiles for your ultimate DIY project!

Friendship Bracelet DIY

You don’t need much to make a Best Friends Day DIY. Just some high-quality thread which is available at Ackerman. Then you need some time and persistence. You can make two matching bracelets yourself, or you and your BFF make a bracelet for each other. Whatever you like! If you and your BFF don’t live close to each other, no worries, the bracelet is lightweight, so you can send it through the mail and surprise your best friend. 

Let’s get started with you Best Friends day DIY!

If you want to make the nice heart shaped bracelet, you’ll need two colors of embroidery thread.

We’re very curious how your bracelet turned out. Share your pictures with us on social media using #AckermanCuracao

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