Floor Coverings

So, the decision has been made. There are going to be some changes in the appearance of your home or office. But where to start or what to do? New floor coverings could give a complete new and fresh look! And you don’t need to worry about an intrusive, messy and time consuming project. There are a lot of options to create the look you want with minimum hassle! 

Ackerman Flooring

At Ackerman we offer different kinds of flooring, each with its own characteristics and advantages to suit your wishes. With our (sub-floor) installation techniques and professional team we offer you an easy change. 

Floor coverings: Carpet

Carpet is a soft floor covering which is used a lot in offices, hotels and bedrooms. And that it’s soft, doesn’t mean it’s a softy. Carpets are durable, strong and robust. The possibilities with carpet are endless! Choose the height of the carpet fibers, colors and shape to create the style you like!

Hard wood look floor

Hardwood is a well known natural kind of flooring often used in classic houses and offices. Because of its ability to ‘breathe’ it’s a more durable option in comparison to laminate flooring in tropical climates. A hardwood floor gives warmth and creates a welcoming atmosphere. Be aware that a hardwood floor can be a bit more delicate compared to laminate flooring. However, PVC flooring is the perfect solution when you are looking for a durable and sustainable hard wood look floor.


Laminate is commonly used to create a hardwood look, but with some advantages in terms of durability and costs. Because of the fibre board materials used, our manufacturers can make laminate very strong which is perfect for a busy home with kids and dogs running around. 

PVC Flooring

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. It’s a kind of plastic. This durable and sustainable material gives you a lot of advantages over other flooring materials. A big advantage for example is the waterproof characteristic which makes PVC flooring also an option for bathrooms. Besides this PVC flooring is scratch resistant and low maintenance. And did you know that PCV gets printed? This offers you a wide range of styles to choose from, from tile look to a hard wood look. The choices are endless! Read our other blog for all the information about PVC Flooring.

Visit our store at Sta. Rosaweg #120 for our wide PVC flooring range!

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