Window Coverings during the holiday

The summer holiday has started and that means that you’re probably away from home a lot more than usual. Keep you home safe by using the right window coverings and lower the chance of creating a window of opportunity for unwanted visitors.

What you can do: Window coverings

First of all, take a look at your window coverings and check how much you can see from the outside. Try different combinations with curtains, shades or blinds and play with the amount of visibility. Keep window coverings completely or partially closed to maintain privacy. 

Motorized window coverings

You can even take it a step further by adjusting your shades, blinds or curtains automatically with high tech motorized window coverings (Graber and Comfortex). With an app you can schedule the window coverings to open or close at specific times. This creates the illusion that someone is home. We offer a wide range of high tech motorized window coverings to match every interior. 

In addition to this great safety advantage, motorized window covering will make your life a bit easier. Think of all the hard to reach windows or when your couch just sits so comfortable, you don’t want to get up. 

Comfortex window coverings

You can control the amount of light, shade and privacy with just a single click of a button. With the latest technology it’s possible to use your mobile device to adjust your window coverings. 

Besides being aware of your windows and window coverings during your absence, think about using a timer on some lights in your home. This also creates the idea that someone is home. 

Last but not least: Ask a friendly neighbour, family or friend to check regularly at your home. Tip: Ask them if they can water your plants and empty your mailbox.

Enjoy your holiday!

Made to Measure and our own Drapery Room

Do you want to know more about our high-tech motorized window covering options and the many advantages? Visit our store at Sta Rosaweg #120 and our professionals are happy to advise you. Besides professional advice we can take care of measurements, custom sewing, installation and the finishing touches.

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