Floor coverings

At Ackerman, you can find the highest quality residential and commercial floor covering solutions in the industry. From high pile plush residential carpets to multi-level loops, durable, high-traffic commercial carpets to other hard floor coverings options. If there is a demand for natural wood products, we provide an extensive selection of beautiful elegant, and engineered hardwood flooring options. If you are looking for a more robust and/or waterproof option, our endless variety of residential and commercial PVC flooring options is also available.

Whether it is laminate, vinyl/PVC, hardwood, or carpet, we offer professional installation on all Ackerman floor coverings.

laminate flooring

If you are looking for a combination of style, performance, ease of maintenance, and installation, Laminate flooring is what you need. Laminate floors are affordable, can fit any design, and instill an abundance of impressive attributes. Whatever style you have in mind, laminate flooring provides functional beauty.

These floating floors for example are installed on top of a foam underlayment which provides a proper surface and moisture barrier for the laminate floor. With a proper subfloor, this installation method also allows for your new flooring to be installed without the costs of having to prepare the subfloor. A floating floor allows for refurbishing without the hassle of altering your subfloor.

Printing technologies have brought us pretty far and offer the possibility to create a wide variety of laminate visuals with any look imaginable that you desire. We offer installation on all our laminate flooring options.


vinyl flooring

Vinyl is one of our best sellers for beautiful homes and offices. Flooring tiles and planks made of vinyl give a unique aesthetic, with matching comfortability. It’s considered a low-maintenance solution. Vinyl floors offer stylish designs with durability without breaking the bank and they are waterproof. Durability, attractiveness, and convenience are features everyone desires when it comes to flooring, including great performance.

Vinyl flooring comes in two installation methods; either direct glue-down or floating floors. Floating floors offer the ability to create something completely custom or renewed in a different style or even simply enhance a section, this all without any need to alter your existing flooring. With a proper foundation, this method of installation allows you to install your new flooring without removing the previous one.

Modern-day printing technology offers designs that can match closely to the original source. Even flooring experts are fooled by the quality of these floors. We offer professional installation on all our vinyl flooring options.

Our bestselling flooring is Nuvelle Vinyl/PVC flooring. This waterproof and scratch-resistant flooring with elegant looks is the perfect solution for residential or commercial properties.

hardwood flooring

Great performance and looks are what hardwood flooring provides. This manufactured wood flooring is assembled with three to five layers of hardwood. The layers are stored in a cross-grain configuration and bonded together under heat and pressure, creating what we call engineered hardwood floors. This flooring is perfect for our tropical climate and is durable and resistant to warping.

Our hardwood flooring also comes in direct glue-down and floating floor installation methods. The floating floor allows for remodeling, upgrading, and redecorating without altering the previous floor. That means that our floating floors save on the costs of preparing your subfloor.

Looking from a quality perspective nothing compares to hardwood floors. We offer hardwood floors in different plank widths to accommodate any design necessary. Not all wood floors are the same. Different species of hardwood offer different qualities with different results. If you understand this concept adequately it will help immensely in choosing the correct desired floor application.

Inquire for a consultation for any project. Our experts are capable and will help you achieve the desired look. Professional installation is provided with our flooring products.


carpet flooring

Carpets are made to fit whatever flooring demand a person might have. You name it: soft, comfortable, eco-friendly, luxurious. Carpets can fill almost every flooring requirement. All of our carpets come with factory-applied stain and anti-microbial treatments.

Carpeting provides fantastic acoustic control for any home or workspace so you can be sure of a pleasant environment. The options and variety of carpets for your home or office are endless.

Two popular options for carpets are broadloom rolls and modular carpet tiles to suit different application scenarios and requirements.

Our experts will help with any installation and are able to consult to achieve your desired look.


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