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Welcome to You have arrived at the right place to shop for the island’s largest selection of fabrics and window decorations for your home, office, or venue. The curtain fabrics, custom window coverings, and drapery hardware you are looking for are obtainable at Ackerman. We have it all; from sheers, curtains, and blackout window treatments, to modern shades.

Your window coverings make an important impression on the overall look and feel of your home, office, or venue. Shop in-store for our made-to-measure window coverings and fabric ranges. Select from a variety of pleat options for your curtains. Think about Graber or Comfortex blinds and shades with limitless customization options and G-Rail drapery hardware.  With our extensive fabric selection, our collections are sure to have the style that will enhance your decor. With the right window covering you will improve your appearance and privacy. No matter how big or small your wish is, we will work with you to find your perfect solution. Our custom window decoration options are available to suit any interior design specification. Did you know that we also offer motorized window coverings? Think of all the possibilities!

Visit our store and feel the different fabrics and materials to get inspired. We are more than happy to show you all the possibilities for your project.
With our professional service, craftsmanship, and more than 65 years of experience, we will make sure you choose the perfect window coverings suited to your needs. Our installers will take the required measurements and our in-house professional drapery workroom will create what you desire.
Professional installation is available on all window coverings. We’ve got you covered from start to finish!

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Your windows deserve the best curtains. At Ackerman, you are at the right place. Choose your material from our wide selection of fabrics or you can custom order a designer fabric of choice. Our local professionals work in our local drapery workroom and are trained to provide you with a high-quality finished product.

Choose from our selection of drapery pleat options below:

  • S-Fold (Ripplefold)
  • U-Fold
  • Tab Top
  • Grommets
  • Inverted Box Pleat
  • Single Pinch Pleat
  • Double Pinch Pleat

Triple Pinch Pleat


Looking for stunning fabrics, ranging from sheer and light filtering to opaque? Pleated shades are the solution that adds depth and structure to a window thoroughly and evenly spaced. Blackout lining is tailored to specification to provide privacy and optimal light control if necessary.

In order to keep pleats evenly spaced and prevent them from sagging, we offer our EvenPleat Pleated shades with back ladder support. Pleated shades are available with     2.5 cm and 5 cm pleats to accommodate windows with various different scales.

cellular shades

Cellular shades provide stylish and energy-efficient shading for any home.  They offer a closed cell design that creates pockets of air that will maintain your window insulated no matter what the weather conditions are. This will surely help with any home energy bills. These shades will also help with noise reduction in rooms with hard flooring. They come in a wide selection of fabrics to accommodate any design or style and offer the ability of light control. Depending on the cellular pocket structure, these shades are available in 1.9 cm single cell, 1.0 cm single, and 1.0 cm double cell constructions.

roller shades

Roller shades can be used within every decor imaginable. They are elegant shades that are easy to operate and add sophistication to any room or space. Ranging all the way from designer fabrics to a multitude of hues, patterns, and possibilities. A few to mention are jacquards, stripes, and delicate woven textures as well as sunscreen fabrics.

These shades protect against glare and protect your environment against damaging UV rays while still maintaining the marvelous views your windows offer.

Sunscreen fabrics come in a wide variety to please any traditional decor. It can turn a room into a statement and perfectly complement its surroundings. To complete the whole look just add a fabric-wrapped valance or an aluminum fascia to conceal the hardware.

The weight and opacity of the shades can be chosen depending on the desired light in any room:

  1. Light filtering fabric provides a soft outline of the outdoors.
  2. Blackout fabric completely blocks light for ultimate privacy
  3. Room darkening fabric dims the room significantly.
  4. Sheer fabrics are airy and translucent.

Increase UV blockage and privacy by using shades with a lower openness (1-5%). For a better view of the outside, with less privacy e.g. in the living room, use shades with a higher openness (7-14%).

To coordinate the look through the desired space, these exceptional roller shades are also available for panel tracks.


soft shades

Soft shades, such as Roman shades bring volume and soft folds of exquisite fabrics to your room.
They come in a wide variety of options for the desired look and flair in any room. There are different styles ranging from a classic flat style that looks clean and chic, to a looped roman style for a richer look, to a relaxed roman style that creates a softer look with straight edges. A relaxed roman shade has loose folds that require some work when operating.

Searching for rustic decor? Our natural shades constructed from organic, renewable sources are the way to go. To mention a few; bamboo, jute, and grasses. These natural shades provide the sensation of being in an earthy environment. Since it is all made from organic materials, every natural shade will provide its own uniqueness that can’t be matched or reproduced. We also provide blackout lining in different colors to match your decor.

Layered shades are the perfect balance between fabric shades and horizontal window blinds. These shades offer the perfect flexibility when it comes to light control, with closely linked layers of fabric, stripes, and sheer fabric combined with woven bands of color. They also offer protection for your furniture or flooring or even artwork from damaging rays, while also giving the height adjustment of the shade itself. By adjusting the height, you also achieve the desired fine-tuning of light. Overlap solid-color vanes filter or even block the light completely. Bold wide striped frames offer a clean aspect to your decor. There are no seams to disrupt the fabric’s pattern. When fully raised, the shades leave a clean elegant fabric-wrapped cassette valance. Layered shades are offered in classic neutrals, rich hues, shiny metallics, and textured weaves while also ensuring a modern and minimalistic design impact.

sheer shades

Sheer shades are sleek and modern. It consists of two layers of sheer fabric encasing fabric vanes that are able to protect furniture, artwork, and flooring from extreme UV rays. These shades diffuse light and block it almost completely. Woven as one continuous piece of fabric with no seams, stitches, or adhesives, makes it super sleek. The different vane sizes offer different views with no visible lift cords or ladder to disrupt the sight. If raised, the shades disappear completely and leave only an elegant fabric-wrapped cassette valance visible. These sheer shades offer virtuous performance with state-of-the-art construction and functionality.

One of the many sought-after window coverings is our vertical window blinds. It’s the traditional solution to provide dimension and a wow factor to any patio door or large window. We offer fabric, sheer, sunscreen, wood, or vinyl louvers for the perfect window decoration. Ackerman window blinds will make a statement anywhere they are placed ranging from bold colors to match the existing color of your decor.

wood blinds

Wood blinds are a fancy solution made from top-quality hardwood as well as Faux wood and composites. Our wood blinds are all pressure treated to guarantee the durability of these window treatments. Wood is ideal for any rustic or even modern space you’re looking to decorate. It provides the option to be painted or even stained to desire. We offer these window blinds in 2.6 cm, 5.1 cm, and 6.1 cm slats with color-coordinated ladders and cloth tapes.

aluminum blinds

A well-known type of blind is considered to be aluminum blinds, these window blinds are moderately priced and they can make a slick statement. Aluminum blinds have anti-static finishes that serve as dust repellent as well as scratch and stain resistance. We offer aluminum blinds in custom sizes to accommodate any scale of window treatments. These blinds are available with 2.6cm or 5.1cm slats. The larger the slats the clearer the view and they provide a dramatic appearance as well. Combined with our cloth tapes and routeless blinds, these blinds provide the level of privacy you desire.

panel track

Panel tracks are the ideal solution to expansive windows and patios with marvelous views, They offer a modern, sleek and clean finish to any room. The extra wide panels can be combined with roller shades, natural shades, and soft shade fabrics to compliment the desired room or even be the finishing touch to accentuate the design aesthetic of your space. Our panel tracks are perfect for patios, closet doors, and room dividers. Sliding panels are offered with up to eight separate sliding panels.

drapery hardware

We offer a vast selection of hanging drapes to meet your design specifications. Decorative poles and adjustable traverse rods allow for easy installation and operation. Our decorative poles are available at different thicknesses with a huge selection of finial options to meet any requirement. We also offer aluminum drapery tracks at custom lengths for a heavy-duty and functional option that can withstand the elements.

custom sewing

Our professional drapery workroom will cater to residential and commercial applications. No matter the size of your window decoration we will have you covered. We make sure our draperies are made to last with project-specific measurements and installed by our professional technicians.

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