• Nuvelle PVC Flooring

    21 Mar

    High quality, durable, sustainable and water resistant, PVC floors are becoming more and more popular in households and businesses! In this blog we will tell…

  • Happy Valentine’s Day From Ackerman to you

    Hoooked Mason Jar
    14 Feb

    Aahh the most anticipated holiday is here; Valentine's Day (next to Christmas of course)! There is nothing more touching than a DIY as a present…

  • Color of the year 2022

    Hoooked yarn
    26 Jan

    Let’s talk about color! Because whether it’s curtains, shades, flooring, furniture, carpets or decorations the color is the first thing you see and plays a…

  • New Year’s home resolutions

    31 Dec

    As we anticipate the new year, we start wondering about home changes and improvements. The start of a new year makes you think about your…

  • Holiday Season: Thanksgiving with Ackerman

    Give thanks with Ackerman
    22 Nov

    Thanksgiving is an American holiday celebrated yearly every fourth Thursday of November. However, it’s known all over the world. With Thanksgiving we celebrate the harvest…

  • Holiday Season Home Decoration

    16 Nov

    It’s that time of the year again. A lot of holidays are just around the corner. Everybody has their own traditions and preferences, but one…

  • I Love Yarn Day

    07 Oct

    Celebrate ‘I Love Yarn Day’ and knit along on the 9th of October! It is time to get creative with needle and thread. Did you…

  • Sleep better: Blackout curtains

    03 Sep

    Sleep quality is very important to maintain a healthy and balanced life. Everybody knows the dreadful feeling after a short or interrupted night. Long term…

  • Fabrics, textiles and upholstery

    10 Aug

    Ackerman is well known for their wide range of fabrics, textiles and upholstery collection. In this blog we guide you through a few different possibilities…

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