New Year’s home resolutions

new years home resolutions

As we anticipate the new year, we start wondering about home changes and improvements. The start of a new year makes you think about your New Year’s resolution for your living space. From fun DIY projects, to upgrades within your home. This can be a simple touch up, or complete makeover. Check out the trends for 2022 here. At Ackerman we love celebrating in style by providing our clients with the best of the best textile, flooring, and window covering options. The start of 2022 is the perfect time to refresh the look of your home.

New Year’s home Resolutions

The need to upgrade and better yourself and your surroundings is a new year’s resolution that most of us desire. By changing the interior of your home, it offers a way to upgrade and create an unique and impressive home atmosphere. Adding e.g. new cushions, new curtains or new flooring such as PVC floorings is a perfect way to start. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small change or a complete makeover, at Ackerman you can find everything you need to help you achieve your new year’s home resolution.


Renewing your floors can be the resolution to upgrade your home. First of all you have to figure out if you want to renew all your floors or for example just the living room floor or your staircase. Everything is possible! Tell us what you have in mind. We offer carpets, PVC, laminate and hardwood flooring in an unimaginable amount of styles, colors and designs. With our professional team taking measurements and executing installation the makeover is hassle-free!


Window coverings

When you come to the conclusion that your window coverings are out of style or don’t fit your needs anymore, a simple and quick improvement is changing them! With our endless options in brands, styles, colors, patterns, fabric and hardware we always have the design you desire. Start fresh in 2022!

Window coverings


If you’re more into small adjustments D.I.Y’s are the way to go. Get some fabrics and accessories to get started. A great way to combine improving your home and organizing is making a fabric organizer.

DIY wall organizer

DIY fabric organizer

A new year is the perfect excuse to do a little cleaning and organization. The sewing space can always use a good declutter and straightening up. Organize your home with your own DIY’s designs, for example this simple cute wall organizer with the use of only 4 matching fabrics.  Sounds interesting? Take a look here.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year!

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