Nuvelle PVC Flooring

High quality, durable, sustainable and water resistant, PVC floors are becoming more and more popular in households and businesses! In this blog we will tell you everything you need to know about the most versatile floor: PVC. PVC is an abbreviation of polyvinyl chloride. You may also know PVC flooring als vinyl flooring or polyvinyl flooring. PVC has a lot of attractive characteristics when it comes to flooring.

The versatility of PVC Flooring

The floor is one of the first things you notice when you enter a room, so it should be perfect so that you can be proud of it! PVC gives a room its own identity. From elegant and classic to robust and industrial. PVC offers you the option to be playful and original when it comes to your floor. Because of the endless way to design PVC flooring, you can create any style you like. Need some inspiration? Check out Pinterest.

PVC Flooring

The advantages of PVC Flooring

PVC floors are made from a specific hard type of plastic that makes it waterproof and scratch resistant. This comes in very handy since your floor has a lot to endure. Another advantage is the installation. The flooring is easy to install which makes it a non-invasive project. And last but not least; the costs. PVC flooring can be budget friendly. In short; the beautiful flooring is known for its low maintenance, sound-dampening, and durable qualities, which will improve your everyday life. 

Nuvelle PVC Flooring at Ackerman

Ackerman has a great variety of wood designs in many different colors. The range of designs has increased over the last years and the collection has become more refined with a variety of brown and gray tones. The number of available options is enormous, whether it’s the design or lay-out on the floor. What much of the previous manufactured vinyl flooring was lacking in aesthetic detail, the newer PVC wood flooring has every convincing pattern color to offer, so that you can choose the floor that best suits your home.

Durable flooring

Installation Method

Installation is easy and offered by Ackerman. There are two ways to do it. PVC flooring comes in direct glue-down and “floating floor” installation methods. Using the “floating floor” installation method allows you to change, enhance, or renew your floor without damaging or altering your sub-floor (or previously installed floor). With a proper sub-floor, this installation method also allows for your new flooring to be installed without the costs of having to prepare the sub-floor.

Choosing  your flooring

PVC flooring is the floor for you if you want a floor that is low-maintenance, affordable and highly durable with many options to choose from. Nuvelle PVC flooring matches any design or interior. The choice is up to you!

Laminate, Hardwood or Carpet

Are you – after reading this blog – still not convinced about PVC, no worries. At Ackerman we also offer laminate, hardwood and carpet flooring. Each and every one has its own characteristics and advantages. Come visit our store at Sta. Rosaweg 120 to check out our complete collection and professional advice and let Ackerman help you pick out your perfect floor. Professional installation is available on all our flooring products.

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