Happy Valentine’s Day From Ackerman to you

Hoooked Mason Jar

Aahh the most anticipated holiday is here; Valentine’s Day (next to Christmas of course)! There is nothing more touching than a DIY as a present or to set the mood and create a loving atmosphere.  So get to it and make someone a very happy Valentine.

Every day should be Valentine’s day but make this one a special one by getting creative and creating pieces to set the mood. Spend this day with the ones you love and cherish, your mom, dad, best friend, partner, children you name it. We just want you to make it a memorable one!

Quality cushions

Ackerman offers a variety of fabrics to create special accessories to decorate your bed for Valentine’s (or any other holiday). Let’s take for example cushions. There are a lot of cute fabrics that can be used to update your sofa cushions to enjoy quality time watching a movie and be comfortable.

Ackerman Fabrics

And okay, if you’re not feeling it to create them yourself, check out our cushion collection in store. With an always changing assortment, there’s always something that suits your home.

Romantic outdoors

Thinking about creating a romantic ambience outdoors? The perfect soft rug is waiting for you at Ackerman. Grab your favorite cushions and a few electric candles (just to be safe) and surprise your loved one with a candlelight dinner outdoors under the stars. Decorate your candles with cute crochets.

Hoooked Mason Jar

Indoor romance

If you are more of an indoor person, a DIY Valentine’s throw to keep you and your loved one warm and cozy is ideal while enjoying your favorite show or movie. 

Or what about a nice dinner for you and your person? Use a mason jar candle to add a warm glow inside. Decorate your candle with yarn from our large Hoooked collection.

Romantic Indoors

Ackerman wishes everybody a happy Valentine’s day!

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