Holiday Season Home Decoration

It’s that time of the year again. A lot of holidays are just around the corner. Everybody has their own traditions and preferences, but one thing that most holidays have in common is that it involves family and friends sharing food and precious moments. So whether it’s Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Sinterklaas, Christmas, New Years or any other holiday, it’s the perfect occasion to give your home some extra tender, love and care and do some nice redecoration. Star early with your home decoration, so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Window Coverings

A big statement with little hassle. Changing your window coverings can really make a difference. Lighten up the room with sheer fabrics and bright colors or go for a more classic look with darker tones and volume. Match your window coverings with other elements in your interior such as your furniture and flooring or more detailed decoration such as cushions, pillows, table decorations and art. Check out our window coverings page to see all the options available.

Window coverings

Rugs & Cushions 

Another way to make your home more personalized is by changing your rugs and cushions once in a while. At Ackerman we have a continuously changing collection of rugs and cushions but we also have fabrics to create your own perfect matching cushions and pillows. Another option is to pick your favorite fabrics and let our professional sewing team create the pillows you’d like. Stop by our store and check out our current collection.

cushions and rugs

Dining Table Decorations

Let friends and family experience a great dinner with the perfect table setup during the holidays. Go a bit crazy and decorate your table with a beautiful table runner or a high quality tablecloth made with the finest fabrics of the island. Check out pinterest for inspiration and choose your favorite fabrics to work with. 

table decoration

Another fun way to make your table look great is by working with D.I.Y. placemats and napkins. Create a nice mix and match table setting with the textiles of your liking, available at Ackerman. Perfect for all your holiday decorations.

And for the full effect, top it off with chair sashes made with ultra thin, elegant fabrics and classic notions as the cherry on top. Watch this tutorial on how to tie a perfect chair sash.

Now you have the basics in place, you can focus on the other details of setting the table. Create a wonderful atmosphere by setting up some candles, flowers, garlands and the finest tableware. The perfect setting for the perfect holidays. 

We wish everybody wonderful holidays!

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