Fabrics that beat the heat during pregnancy

Beat the heat

Living in paradise means hot and sunny weather all year round. Even though we all enjoy the tropical climate, for a small group of moms-to-be the heat can be very intense. We advise to dress in fabrics that are comfortable and cooling to wear!

Check out these 3 fabrics that can help you beat the heat!

Light linen
Linen fabrics are made from the fibers of flax plant and is known for being the lightest and coolest fabric. Because of the lightweight it allows the body to breath and cool down. The main benefits of linen are that it allows easy airflow, reduces heat and it’s sweat-absorbing. But what’s even more essentail for pregant ladies, it’s very comfy.

Airy cotton
Cotton is obtained from the seed pod of the cotton plant. The fabric allows proper air circulation and makes heat bearable. Cotton fabric is soft, fluffy and, lightweight. Like linen, cotton absorbs sweat from the body and helps the skin breath. It also helps bring down the severity of any allergic reaction and is perfect for sensitive skin during pregnancy.

Comfy Bon
Bonbon lightweight fabric is perfect for maternity wear. It’s very smooth and made out of synthetic fabric made out of 100% polyester spandex. On top of that it’s a top quality stretch fabric, light and airy. Its elasticity will provide comfort during pregnancy and an iron is not needed as the fabric keeps its shape.

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