Tips how to decorate your home like a minimalist!

Decorate minimalist

Highlighting small details, sense of balance, simplicity and breathable elements are all characteristics of a minimalistic interior design. Let go of clutter!

This type of decoration requires plants, ceramics and paintings with geometric elements and few colors.

Nowadays, minimalism is becoming a trend. Interior design is becoming less cold by using blends of white colors, neutral tones and pastel tones. In order to give your interior a pop of color, woods, small plants and depth materials such as oak or pine are used to add warmth. Since an empty space is considered an important element for a minimalist decor, colored objects define the look. To give a room a clean and simple appearance, use new furniture in clean and natural tones and combine them with smaller accessories of darker shades and/or bright colors.

Minimalism color palettes include colors such as; white, gray and pastel colors. Colors that are in contrast with tones such as beige, ochre or earth tones will create warmth. To create personality, add elements in black and white formats or highlight the imperfections in your room. For example; keep an old wall with peeling paint and combine this with vintage elements. This will give your room a warm feeling and a clean look.

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