Mix and match pillows for a beautiful home


Have you ever tried to mix and match pillows thinking: HA! this should be easy, but when you start you feel like it it impossible to find the right match in patterns? We get it, we’ve been there! Before you decide to give up and pick those 4 of the same patterned and colored pillows because that’s just easier, we advise you to read our new blog first! 

We’ve listed some tips for you on how to mix and match pillow patterns/colors. Yes, room design also has it’s rules. 

Here are a few tips;

  1. Identify a color scheme. Ask yourself what accent colors you want to incorporate in your home/room design. Once you’ve decided your color scheme you can find color combinations that will inspire you.
  2. Start with organic prints that have earthy/natural tones, that naturally flow together. This is going to be your basis. These colors are either white, brown or another neutral color. This will allow you to create that high-end look. Do not use more than 5 colors.
  3. Move to geometric. Continue placing the pillows that have either lines, grids or any other repetitive pattern. Play with the different scales of patterns to add contrast and balance out the organic print.
  4. Pick something with constrasting scale. Combine different size pillows and create layers in the corner by putting smaller ones in front.  
  5. Don’t forget texture. Combine different textures and patterns like velvet, fursand embroideries that will add the much needed warmth and depth to your design. 

Ready to re-design your home by mixing and matching? At Ackerman we have a variety of pillow fabrics that will fit your needs.