Great tips to refresh your living room

For most people their home is their sanctuary, where they feel comfortable and at peace. However, from time to time you need to refresh your living room to make it feel more warm and welcoming, especially when you can’t get out as often as you woud like to. 

Here are 5 tips to make your home, the perfect place to work, relax and rest.

  • Incorporate table plants on your dining table or coffee/tv table to bring instant life into your home. Added bonus: Plants produce oxygen so it allows you to breath clean indoor air and they absorb toxins! 
  • Make your room inviting and create a cozy atmosphere by adding different types of pillows and cushions. Depending on the type of room you can add anything from big and bright cushions to smaller and sophisticated pillows. 
  • Make your room feel more relaxing by adding blackout curtains that block out sunlight. With stylish curtains you’ll give the room a sence of tranquility. As added bonus: Black out curtains are energy efficient as they keep your home cool.
  • Add light to open up rooms that feel dark. Find ways to increase the natural light that enters your room. If you have furniture blocking light from the windows, move these away and consider using sheer curtains so you have more light into your space. You can also use mirrors to reflect light into a room or just to add extra light.
  • Refresh your living space with new rugs to add color, warmth and texture to the room. Choose a rug and color that is easy to clean and  that’s created from an affordable material. It’s always better to opt for a rug that’s slightly too big since larger rugs are often more versatile and create a better balance.

Visit Ackerman and let us inspire you! We have lots of materials and items to help you refresh your living room.

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