New interior trend driven by the corona crisis: ‘Niksen’

‘Niksen’, or ‘doing nothing’ is an interior trend that focuses on mindfulness & wellness. 

This interior trend ‘niksen’ is an existing trend to people that are experiencing a burn-out. Even though this trend already existed, the current crisis forced more people around the world to slow down, be mindful and live in the moment. During lockdown we had to stay inside our homes and we had a lot of time left besides our working hours. After the lockdown, we are able to go on the streets again. However, we are still more at home than we ever were.

If you want to create a sanctuary-like space inside your home that provides calmness and peacefulness, Ackerman is your one stop shop to create that relaxing reading corner you’ve been dreaming about.
So here are some tips on how to create your perfect relaxing corner:

–      Bring the outdoors in with natural fabrics for your pillows.

–      Focus on lighting with window coverings that let in natural sunlight. In the early morning and evening use candlelight.

–      Contain clutter with a DIY basket by using a crochet kit from Hoooked (available at our store).