Wonderful fabrics for every season!


You might think it’s still far away, but December season is just around the corner. 
Firstly, we absolutely LOVE this season because it’s the perfect time for your fabrics DIY-projects! Secondly, and what’s far more important, it’s the season to spend quality time with your family and maybe create accessories together. Did you know tinkering together is very important for your kids? It can help children understand how things are made, so they develop their creative skills.

At Ackerman, you can choose from a wide range of fabrics and one of the most popular categories at our store are themed fabrics. By choosing the right themed fabric you can decorate lots of different pieces in your home, for instance!

Here are some ideas for the December season:

  • Retro Fabric Lights
  • Fabric Ornaments
  • Fabric Coffee Cozy
  • Pillows
  • Cute Gift Bags 
  • Fabric Gift Wraps

Stop by Ackerman and get inspired by our themed fabrics! What’s your next project?