Color trends 2020 – part 2

Did you read our color of the year 2020 blog? This Classic Blue color shade provides confidence into a space, giving the perfect protective feeling. Blue is one of those colors than can be paired with white or gray to create an elegant contrast.

There are multiple ways to add color and accentuate your home or office space with this shade to keep it warm and elegant.

For example, Classic Blue can be incorporated into your space by adding it as an accent color on one of your walls in your living or bed room in the form of artwork, for a bold statement. An easier finishing touch to your décor could be to add flowers in classic blue e.g. hydrangea on the dining table or coffee table.

Another way is by adding a large furniture piece like a sofa, as statement piece within your space. If you are not sure of adding large doses of this shade into your home, you can start small with a few pillows on your sofa or your bed. To play it safe you can add a classic blue rug into your space to add a that chic touch.

This color also fits your bathroom! Classic blue cabinets in the bathroom can be perfectly paired with gold hardware and furnishings. You can also use shower curtains in this colors and rugs within your bathroom.

For more inspiration you can always visit us and our lovely colleagues will help you put your visions into reality.