DIY Easter decorations

It’s almost Easter, which means: get ready for that easter egg hunt with your family with these DIY Easter decorations!

Other than Easter eggs, what is important with an Easter egg hunt? Correct! A basket to collect all your eggs in.

DIY Easter basket

What better idea than to make your own Easter egg basket! With a little help from Ackerman you can select fabrics that can make a basket in festive Easter colors, or alternative patterns and colors. Perhaps you can make one with a nose, mouth, whiskers, eyes and bunny ears? If you prefer crochet, you can also create your own crochet basket. The do-it-yourself easter decorations options are endless!

DIY Easter decorations inspiration

Check out these tutorial video’s and get inspired:

Looking for other DIY Easter decoration ideas? Here are some other DIY’s to decorate your home this Easter with the fabrics of Ackerman:

  • Easter Bunny stuffed animal
  • Carrots for the bunny’s
  • Easter eggs
  • Cute fabric gift wraps
  • Bunny garlands

We are very curious how your Easter DIY’s turned out! Share your pictures with us on social media using #AckermanCuracao!

More fabric DIY’s!

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